I will no longer be accepting or considering requests to photograph weddings. I will only complete those that I have on the books and then finito. It has almost been a ten-year run and I had a great time. There were awesome places and beautiful faces over the years. I still remember quite a while back right after photographing a wedding that was the last on my weddings bucket list, that this may be the start of the end. I was asking myself where to from here? I have photographed everything I ever wanted to up until that point. After that my appetite slowly changed. The chutzpah was somehow gone. I took a break from weddings thinking that the hunger might return. I shot a few over time after that, and even experimented with a few alternative approaches. It didn’t help much. It felt like I was going in two directions at once. I also started another business that was a new challenge for me. It involved both analytical and creative thinking, as well as a lot of patience. Something fresh and new goal to chase. Something much bigger and very much long term. The next step up. I think my mind was already there.

So, here I am.

What I can take from running a wedding photography business in a highly competitive market is that I have learned A LOT. For me it was the right thing at the right time. I learned quite a bit about human nature as well as the system we call LIFE. At the end of the day we all peddle our wares to survive. What you choose to sell and in what market is up to you. Some people are lucky and have many options, while others have few. Always try to better your options. With photography I have observed life both from the bottom up and from the top down. I’ve met people who I wouldn’t have met in normal circumstances. Some of these individuals have exposed me to greater realities of life I never knew existed. They have broadened my horizons and helped me cut through all the garbage I was told to believe from an early age. I consider myself lucky for that. Those that talk the most usually know the least.

However, as a creative I will still do industrial photography. The focus of this website will also change to a portfolio for industrial imagery. Industrial work is still fun and not as demanding. Something that I will keep in the back pocket. Also, there are a few things that still need to be mastered. I will also write more. So, stick around.

Life is short.

Below are a few images I have taken over the years that I thought you might enjoy. Mostly in between stuff. Just for closure.