The ying and the yang and written part of Caryn and Mike’s wedding at Morrells says that it was super rad. The A-game. Caryn (investment whizz) and Mike (supremo of custom bikes) are just an awesome team. And laughter-tea-through-the-nose-off-the-cuff funny. Seriously. And super smart. To add cool to fab, they also had Samuel Miller all the way from Tokai to play some of the best acoustics I’ve heard in a long time. Hook him up on iTunes. All in all, moments that happy emoticons were made for.

    <Sidebar: When I edited these images it was hard for me to believe that this wedding was photographed smack bang in the middle of a South African winter. Why SA is not the epicentre of weddings on this planet I seriously don’t know. To all Europeans planning on getting married, this is what our JHB off-season weather mostly looks like. Again, seriously. Also Morrells is a gem of pure class. > H.