Frequently Asked Questions By Bridal Couples

Hannes how do we book you?

Just send me a mail from my Contact page with all kinds of details about your wedding (date + location) and I will respond within 2 to 48 hours  to let you know if the date is available on my schedule.

Alternatively you can also send me a quick e-mail with relevant details to: hannes(at)

Destination clients can use the following Skype link: hannesuysphotographer.

How much is your booking fee?

My booking fee is 3500 ZAR. Booking fees are not refundable.

Where can I find the cost of your packages?

On the PRICING page. Currently I try to be conscious of cost from a consumer’s perspective as far as I can.

When is the balance due?

The balance is due 7 days before the wedding date.

How would you describe your wedding photography style?

My wedding photography style is photojournalistic/reportage /documentary. For me that’s the best way to photograph people and how they interact with moments at any given moment. My cup of tea and a style I love.

We don’t see any traditional family photographs in your portfolio? Do you photograph them at weddings?

Yes indeed I do. They are still an important part of most weddings. That said, there has been instances where couples have requested not have traditional photographs taken at weddings – and I respect that. Each wedding is pretty much unique. My blog posts only show the highlights of the day that I like most.

Hannes why do you like to photograph weddings and how did it all start?

Like so many photographers I just happened to document my first wedding out of pure chance and favour. The bug bit and the rest is history. Since then I’ve tried to make space in my schedule for a few cool weddings per year. What I like about weddings is that it gives me a unique opportunity to be creative in a completely different way than I would with other projects.

What kinds of celebrations have you photographed since you’ve started documenting weddings?

Just about all kinds, inside and outside the borders of South Africa. For clients locally and from elsewhere on the globe. From sunny laid back beach weddings to Rockabilly energy fests. From game reserve weddings surrounded by crazy wildlife to weddings documented amongst stacked city scapes and silhouettes. From same sex to straight. From colourful Hindu celebrations to the excitement of a Jewish Hora. From Afrikaner “gasvryheid” on the platteland with the best koeksisters and milktart to local intimate affairs for only a select few. All beautiful experiences made possible by awesome people.

Do you have a personal collection of work?

Instagram is your best bet.

Do you offer photo books?

Yes I do. My photo books are printed and prepared by one of the best printing labs in South Africa. More information and images are available on my photo books page.

Do you take provisional bookings?

Unfortunately not.

Do you spend time on post production of the images? 

Indeed. Quite a fair amount of editing time is spent on the post production of images. Editing can consist of, but not limited to: tone, colour, exposure, and contrast. For each hour spent photographing a wedding, a few hours are spent on editing. Batch processing is not part of my editing workflow.

Do you watermark your edited images?

Not at all.

Hannes we’ve heard that some photographers now only offer edited images as low-res and sell prints as a form of making their money. Do you do the same?

I don’t. Some approaches don’t work for all markets. My digital offerings are provided in both high-res and low-res.

Which brand of photographic equipment do you use?

Nikon is my preferred brand. I love Nikon for its durability, accuracy, the richness of its files straight out of the camera and also the support for its pros in the field.

Can I add extra hours to a package?

Most packages have a base of 8 hours, but you can add up to 12 hours of coverage.

Is there a travel allowance for weddings further from Johannesburg?

Yes there is a travel allowance of 100 kilometers in total. A per kilometre rate applies after the 100 kilometres.

Any advice for choosing a photographer from a photographer like yourself?

The most important piece of advice I can give is that you must follow your heart. Between budget or aesthetics, what is the most important to you?

A few questions that could help you determine which photographer is right for you could be:

  • Is there a photography style that you like?
  • Does the photographer have a proper body of work to show you?
  • If you are looking for a photo book then make sure you ask the photographer for a sample album.
  • Does the photographer outsource any of the processes?

Hannes I am interested in booking you, but still have a few more questions that I want to ask. How can get them answered?

Just send me an e-mail and I will try my best to answer them for you.