Headshots are used for professional company profiles. Headshots can be taken with a backdrop or in context, ie taken in the work environment. Custom ligthing is used.

Pricing can either be individual portraits or on an hourly basis for larger groups.

Individual portraits pricing starts at 2500-00 ZAR per individual.

Hourly rates for groups of portraits start at 1500-00 ZAR per hour.


Architecture photography starts at 20 000ZAR per location. Price includes all editing and corrections. The number of images delivered will depend on the location. No lengthy proof process.

An hourly rate can be requested for smaller sites that requires a quick turnover.


Documenting of business processes is 2500-00ZAR per hour. Includes basic processing.

TRAVEL COST: Above pricing does not include any costs. Travel cost need to be taken into account with each quote. Please specify the location where the photography will take place with each enquiry.

DELIVERY: Images are delivered on-line or via wafer USB.